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How She Won “Best Realtor” For The People’s Choice Awards

In today’s #SuccessStory, I’m more than excited to interview Lead Strategy Academy Member Kim Eilers. Kim is an amazing real estate agent in Atlanta, Georgia, and she’s sharing her story about how she’s completely changed the way she runs her business. Listen in to find out how she used the material she’s learning in LSA […]

How She Got Featured in Local Magazines

In today’s #SuccessStory, I’m more than excited to interview Lead Strategy Academy Member Candace Larson. Candace is an amazing real estate agent in Phoenix, Arizona, and she’s sharing her story about how she’s completely changed the way she runs her business. Listen in to find out how she uses the material that she’s learning in […]

How To Deal With Haters, Lobsters, and Trolls

    Tall Poppy Syndrome In Australia, there’s a term called “Tall Poppy Syndrome.” It’s an old saying that comes from the way that poppy flowers grow in a field. When poppies grow, they’re supposed to grow uniformly, all at the same time. And if one poppy grows taller than the rest, it has to […]

How to Automate Your Social Media

The Biggest Lie Ever Told Everyone who knows me knows that I’m on social media… A LOT I’m constantly marketing my business on social and keeping up with trends to serve my community. And because I teach real estate agents how to market themselves on social media, I’m seeing a lot of the same ads […]

How To Create Authority In Any Local Market

Are you the Go-to Agent in your area? No matter if you’re a new agent or a seasoned pro, you have to create your own authority in your market. But why? So that you stand out from other agents. By becoming the “it” agent in your area, you’re always going to have clients lined up […]

How I Chose My New Realtor

As many of you know, I’m a Realtor. But with my busy schedule running the Lead Strategy Academy, I don’t have time to do alllllll the work that goes into buying or selling my own house…. And since my husband and I want to sell our current home and move to a new home in […]

How Many Instagram Accounts Should A Real Estate Agent Have?

    Should a real estate agent have 2 Instagram accounts? Or should they combine their personal account and business account into one? There Are Two Schools of Thought… This was inspired by a question that was asked my free Facebook Group, Community Influencer™ Show Insiders. This question actually comes up a lot and even […]

The ONLY Way to Get Over Your Fear Of Doing Video

We *will* be a camera-first society in five years…. And if you still plan on being in business, then you *will* have to get used to being on video. Stop Being Afraid to Put Yourself Out There I think that most agents have accepted this (harsh) reality, but most agents aren’t doing anything about it. […]

The Best Places Online to Get Real Estate Pictures (Legally)

Are you stealing your real estate marketing photos? I’m still surprised by the fact that agents are still surprised by the fact that they can’t download random pictures from the internet and use them in their marketing. Those aren’t your photos… I get it. As a real estate agent, you need lots of lifestyle images. […]

Stop Marketing Your Real Estate Business

  I understand why most real estate agents use Realtor-Focused marketing. In the 80’s and 90’s agents were taught to brand themselves… Think about the classic billboards, bus stops, and bulletin ads… Arms folded.  As ridiculous as this sounds nowadays, it actually worked back then. But let me ask you this… Can you think of […]

Should You Let Local Realtors Follow You On Social Media?

  One of the number one questions I get asked is…. Should a real estate agent allow local Realtors to follow them on their social media accounts? Do you want to be seen as a collaborator? Someone who wants to be friendly and help as many of their local colleagues as possible…. Or, do you […]

Takeaways from An $18K Mastermind

I joined an $18K mastermind and something unexpected happened… This altered my business and my life forever. I know, $18K is a lot of money. And you’re probably wondering why I would spend that much on a mastermind. And trust me, there were times where I doubted and regretted not putting the money into other […]



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