How Many Instagram Account Should a Real Estate Agent Have


Should a real estate agent have 2 Instagram accounts? Or should they combine their personal account and business account into one?

There Are Two Schools of Thought…

This was inspired by a question that was asked on my Facebook Group. This question actually comes up a lot and even my Academy Members are surprised when I tell them the answer. So I definitely wanted to be sure and address this question for my entire community!

So basically, there are 2 camps.

The first camp often tells me that they don’t want to flood their feed with pictures of their kids, or dogs, or adventures around town. Basically, they want to keep their Instagram account private because it’s personal and they don’t want to share that part of their life.

The second camp tells me that they would prefer to merge personal and business because 2 accounts are way too hard to manage. They also tell me that they’re overwhelmed and it’s really difficult to keep up with both.

And I actually have a couple questions for the first group of agents…

First, are you keeping your account private…because you’re being a secret agent?…Because you’re the face of your brand and you need to step into the limelight in order to get business.

Second, are you keeping your account private because you think the public doesn’t care about your personal life? …Because they do.

I ask because the number one reason I hear for keeping your accounts private is due to one of these two stories that agents tell themselves. And I call them stories, because they aren’t facts, and stories can be easily changed.

Why I Think You Only Need One Account…

The purpose of Instagram is Visual Storytelling

The entire platform was created to show pictures from your life, not your listings and open houses.

People are nosey by nature and they want to see a behind the scenes peek into your life. This is why reality TV shows are so popular! People love living vicariously!

So the private account actually contains the content that people want to see – not the business account!

This type of content is the most powerful way to humanize your brand. That’s why Instagram is made for and that’s why everyone likes it!

Instagram was designed to build and strengthen relationships.

So to that end, I recommend using just one account – a business account – and posting a healthy mix of content.

Post everything from personal, local, real estate, and everything in between.

My rule of thumb is always 20% real estate, 80% other.

It’s Too Hard To Manage Multiple Accounts

I teach social media marketing every day of my life – on platforms like this and in my Academy.

And I’ll say this… Social media marketing is hard!

Door knocking and cold calling, comparatively speaking, is easy – and much easier to master than online marketing. That’s why your coaches and brokers are telling you to hit the streets and pick up the phone.

But online marketing is the future and agents have to learn it if they want to stay relevant.

So what I teach my students is this: Keep it simple!

One account is easier to manage and the added benefit is that all of your energy, engagement, comments, and shares are concentrated onto one account, instead of diluted across two. This will give you more free reach (and a few free leads) in the process!

Only Realtors® Follow Real Estate Accounts

If you have an Instagram account dedicated solely to real estate, and you’re posting listing, after listing, after listing, after listing…

I guarantee that if you scroll through your newsfeed, the vast majority of your followers are going to be…You guessed it, other Realtors®!

They’re not going to be past clients.

They’re not going to be current clients.

And they’re definitely not going to be future clients.

They’re going to be other Realtors®…

…Because only real estate agents follow real estate accounts.

Think about why you, personally, follow another account on Instagram. Typically, it’s because their photos are educational, inspirational, or entertaining – not salesy!

I can help…

Number one, you need a solid Instagram posting strategy.

Number two, you need to post things that people actually want to see in their feed.

I can help you with both…

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I teach real estate agents how to get more leads, clients, and referrals so they can grow their businesses to 7-figures (and beyond)!

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