How To Get Likes On Your Real Estate Facebook Page

Today I’m going to show you how to get likes on your real estate Facebook Page, that are high-quality, from your sphere… for free!

3 Ways To Get More Facebook Likes


Yes, you can run an ad specifically to get likes. But I strongly recommend *not doing it* this way.

It was a good way to get likes a few years ago, but no more.

The reason why is because when you pay to get people to like your page, it usually ends up being filled with trolls and spammers – And lots of other people who are not engaged with your page. And if people are not engaged with your page, then whenever you post out to them, it doesn’t reach them.

In addition, you don’t own Facebook. So if you’re spending money to get people to like your page, on a platform that you have no control over, what if the rules change? This actually happened to lots of people a few years ago. Many of them had spent thousands of dollars on Page Like Ads, then Facebook changed its algorithm, and suddenly all of those likes were worthless.

So I just don’t recommend doing that.


When you run ads for a free home evaluation or a free buyer guide or a new lisitng, people will just happen to like your page by default.

I actually like this method a lot, because it’s easy to kill two birds with one stone. You were going to run that ad anyway, so why not get a few likes in the process, right?

But there’s a third way to get Facebook Page Likes for Real Estate Agents… And it’s FREE!


I’m going to teach you how to to get high-quality, targeted likes, from your sphere, for free!

But first, let’s talk about who to invite…

Who To Invite To Like Your Facebook Page

Invite anyone who you know is going to support you and engage with all of your posts. This is because the more people who engage with your posts, the more the Facebook Algorithm will increase your reach. Here are a few sources of your biggest fans and followers…


The first reason why you should invie Friends and Family members is that they tend to support your posts enthusiastically. And again, this will help increase your reach overall and help future posts down the line.

The second reason is that friends and family are a big source of potential clients and people who may want to buy or sell with you. They already know, like, and trust you – And they should definitely see your posts.


The primary reason why you want invite past clients is so that you can always stay top of mind with them. And if you are staying top of mind with past clients, it’s much easier to turn them into future clients and referral partners!


The reason why I like inviting lenders and vendors is because they are often your biggest supporters.

They will be one of the first people to like, comment, share, and react to your posts – Which, again, will boost your engagement to other people that have also liked your Facebook Page.

So when it comes to lender and vendor partners, be sure to have them like your Page (and you should also like theirs as well). Agree to support each other. The minute your post goes out into the newsfeed, they should be engaging with that post as soon as possible.


Invite everyone in your database and sphere to like your Facebook Page as well! It’s free!

The only catch is that the people you invite must already be a Facebook Friend in order for you to invite them to like your page. So if you have an acquaintance who’s not a friend of yours on facebook, please go ahead and add them as a friend right away. After you do, you can start inviting them to like your Page.

Now that we’ve covered who to invite, let’s talk about people to exclude!

Who To Ban From Liking Your Page


This may come as a shocker, but you need to exclude local real estate agents. When you exclude local real estate agents, you are doing yourself a huge favor.

Competitors are not going to engage with your posts and that will ultimately kill your Facebook Page engagement. Remember, the more people who engage with your posts, the further your posts will go out into the news feed. Second, competitors tend to copy all of your sales funnels, ads, and posts. I know this because I’ve run ads for a lot of real estate agents around the country – Once we get an ad that converts, we often have to change it, because a competitor has figured it out and copied the funnel.


Trolls are people who scour the Internet looking for trouble. So if someone is a troll, stalker, or fake Facebook account, ban them from your Facebook Page.

Scroll up to watch the tutorial on how I get more Facebook Likes and exclude competitors!

Invitation Copy

When inviting people to like my Facebook Page, I always change the copy.

Below, I’ve included some copy that you can steal for your Real Estate Facebook Page!

invitation copy:

Hi, it’s [YOUR NAME] and I’m inviting you to like my Real Estate Page. This page is 100% community-focused and I’ll be sharing things that are relevant to you – Like invites to fun local events, market updates, buyer guides & more. Click below to join!

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I teach real estate agents how to get more leads, clients, and referrals so they can grow their businesses to 7-figures (and beyond)!

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