Modesto, CA Realtor® Monica Herrera has been crushing her real estate goals by running Facebook ads…and one of those ads got her on an episode of House Hunters on HGTV!

I’m so excited for Monica, and couldn’t be more proud of her! What started as an amazing event listing for holiday boutiques, turned into SO much more once she decided to turn that post into an ad. Tons of people began sharing it, and soon enough the ad blew up and leads started pouring in!

After getting an email from a potential client wanting to relocate to the area, she immediately began working to find listings. Long story short…that couple applied to be on House Hunters!

Watch to see Monica’s inspiring story, how she has fully embraced Community Influencer® marketing into her real estate business, and when her episode of House Hunters will be airing!

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Want to know the secret to getting new real estate leads? Repin, and then find out why I chose my new Realtor!
Want to know the secret to finding more real estate clients? Repin, and then find out the number one reason why I chose my last Realtor!
Want the secret to finding new real estate agents? Repin, and then find out why we chose our new real estate agent!
Want to get new real estate clients? Repin, and then find out the number one reason why we chose our real estate agent!


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