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The Real Real Estate Agent
Generate More Leads, Clients & Referrals by Being Yourself, Having More Fun, and Making a Difference
here's the thing...
Our reality is now virtual.
And virtual is now our reality.
...When you meet buyers at a showing, they’ve already toured the home thoroughly online.
...You don’t need “listings to last” because now everyone enters the market as a buyer online.
...You’re no longer the gatekeeper of every listing because everyone has access to your MLS.
...You can’t hide a bad client experience because everyone has a voice on the internet.
...Your past clients have incredible influence over future clients when they leave an online review.
...You don’t need to generate leads one by one because the internet allows you to do so at scale.

How are you supposed to market your business in person when real estate begins exclusively online?
How are you supposed to market online when real estate is experienced exclusively in person?

The answer: You need a new
real estate marketing plan.

The Real Real Estate Agent book
is your Modern Marketing Model...
... to help scale your business to
7 figures & beyond!
  • Attract more leads, clients, and referrals than you can handle.

  • Not have to rely on anyone or anything to grow your real estate business—because it will be self-sustaining.

  • Have a complete marketing strategy—a business in a box— instead of fragmented, one-off tactics.

  • Get in front of more people with less effort, making your business infinitely scalable.

  • Spend less time by marketing on proven platforms that generate proven results.

  • Spend less money by advertising directly to your community instead of indirectly through lead generation vendors.

  • Have omnipresence online (and off) — and appear everywhere, to everyone, all the time.

  • Learn modern marketing methods and fortify your business for the future, so you never get left behind.

  • Market authentically, so you can confidently create a brand presence you love, let your personality shine, and stand out from the crowd.

  • Educate your leads, demonstrate your expertise, and convert leads to clients—before you even meet them.

  • Be seen as the digital mayor of your town, become the go-to agent in your community, and begin to take over your local market.

  • Have all the knowledge you need to grow your real estate business to 7-figures and beyond.

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The Everywhere Agent™ Workshop

A 4-hour workshop, to learn how to create viral content, so you can attract an infinite amount of traffic, leads, clients, and referrals… on autopilot
  • Attract Leads To Your List

    Learn 50 untapped lead sources that will allow you to get new real estate leads, starting today!

  • Convert Leads Into Clients

    Learn how to nurture warm leads until they’re ready to hire you.

  • Transform Clients Into Fans

    Spend less time by marketing on proven platforms that generate proven results.

  • Turn Fans Into Referrals

    Learn to build a referral marketing engine that amplifies your reach and increases your revenue.

Free when you purchase a copy of the book!
($997 value)

As a new agent, I was told to hit the ground running by door knocking and cold calling, and I did, until…
I was kicked out of my own community!

I knew there had to be a better way to generate leads.

This is the book I wish I had back then. A way to learn how to connect with more people. And generate more leads. Inside this book, you’ll find a roadmap to real estate marketing. One that will teach you how to serve your community like never before.

What you’ll learn…

Accelerate your marketing machine so you can grow your business to 7-figures and beyond!


Attract Leads To Your List


Convert Leads Into Clients


Transform Clients Into Fans


Turn Fans Into Referrals

The 7-Figure Flywheel® is a self-sustaining marketing model that builds momentum through a steady stream of leads, clients, and referrals. The flywheel is powerful because no one ever exits so you never lose leads, everyone has a clear path to become a client, past clients are just as important as future clients, and referrals accelerate your growth. As long as you avoid friction, your flywheel will continue spinning, building momentum, and getting results.


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Hi there!
It's Aarin Chung

I founded Community Influencer®, the world’s largest online learning community for real estate professionals. And I’m the author of this book. 

Why listen to me?

Over the years, I’ve helped hundreds of thousands of agents grow their real estate businesses via my academy, podcast, show, and various media outlets.

I also have a popular blog that receives tens of thousands of visitors every month, well-known social media channels where I update agents on the latest trends, a viral YouTube channel where I teach lead generation to the masses, and a massive online group where I connect with my community daily. 

I’ve also generated countless leads for countless real estate businesses – including my own. And after working with hundreds of thousands of real estate agents, l can confidently say, I know what works!

Every marketing strategy you’ll read in this book has been tested and proven by agents all over the country and all over the globe.

I’m not saying any of this to brag, just to make a simple point: You’re in good hands. 

If any of this resonates with you, then this book is for you.

Let’s get started.

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Are you ready to generate more leads, clients, and referrals by being yourself, having more fun, and making a difference?

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