by Aarin Chung

For real estate agents who want to generate 7-figures (and beyond)
…Without cold calling or door knocking.


Learn how to get more
real estate

so you can make more money!

I bet I know how you're feeling,
because I've been there too...

You've Hodgepodged Tactics

from all the free classes you've attended, but none of it's working as a whole

You can't keep up with all the tech

so savvy competitors are taking your leads

You're not meeting enough people

and have no consistent plan to generate new leads daily

You hate cold-calling

(or any other outdated tactic that was invented before the internet)

You're losing leads

because you don’t know how to nurture them until they’re ready to buy or sell

You feel totally alone

and just wish you had an expert to help you navigate and integrate it all!

That’s why I created everything that I wish I had when I first became an agent!

I am here to tell you (with a warm pat on the back)

You can generate your own leads.

You don't need to spend a fortune on marketing.

and you definitely don't need to door knock or cold call.



I designed this course for real estate agents who want a step-by-step plan to get more leads, clients, and referrals… So they can generate 7-figures (and beyond) in real estate!

Do It For Yourself,
Not By Yourself

You’re not alone! Here’s a quick overview of what you’ll receive when you join the Academy.


Access to an ever growing online course area that will teach you the skills to close 5+ homes a month, so you can generate 7-figures in real estate!


Professionally-designed, customizable graphics and captions to get maximum exposure and engagement on social media, ads, blogs, print materials, and more!


Learn from me (and our amazing coaches) so you can stay in focus and on track while you implement everything you’re learning!


Come hang out with me, my team, your coaches, and your colleagues in our interactive online Community.

Who This Is For


You’re ready to leave your day job, but need a system that will help you generate leads on auto-pilot during the day, so you have leads to work on nights and weekends.


You’ve tried all the “recommended” programs, memberships, courses, games, and gimmicks… You just need a (simple) step-by-step system to help you grow your business.


You’ve worked hard to become the go-to agent in your community, but times have changed, and you need a new way to help you maintain the market share you’ve acquired.

...In any geographic farm, niche, or specialty!

A real estate
coaching program
like no other.

the academy's core offers

Day 01

7-Figure Flywheel® Course

Your million-dollar real estate marketing plan. Learn, step-by-step, how to start, grow, and scale your business to 7-figures (and beyond)!

Day 08

Social Media Marketing Course

Learn how to prepare your social platforms for high-volume lead generation, position yourself as the go-to agent in your community, and immediately pull leads from your sphere!

Month 02

Open House Course

Learn how to generate tons of buyer and seller leads by driving massive amounts of traffic to your open houses - even if you don't have any listings.

Month 03

SEO Marketing Course

Learn how to increase your rankings so you can generate leads for free, forever.

Month 04

IDX Home Search Course

Learn how to display all the homes in your MLS on your website, so you can capture more real estate leads every time you blog.

Month 05

Lead Capture Course

Learn how to turn your website into a sales machine, so you can generate leads on autopilot - even while you sleep.

Month 06

Lead Nurture Course

Learn how to follow up with thousands of leads (at once) until they're ready to buy or sell with you.

Month 07

Video Marketing Course

Learn how to connect with people confidently on camera so they know, like, and trust you - before they even meet you!

Month 08

Reviews + Testimonials Course

Learn how to build referral engines so you can amplify reach and increase your revenue - for free!

Month 09

Advanced SEO Course

Learn how to get your website onto the first page of Google so you can generate leads for free, forever.

Month 10

Facebook Groups Course

Learn how to become the digital mayor of your town so you can get more leads, clients, and referrals (and dominate any local market)

Month 11

Facebook Ads Course

Learn how to increase your reach on social media by leveraging the power of Facebook Ads to get more leads, sales, and referrals

Month 12

Google Ads Course

Learn how to increase your reach in search engines by leveraging the power of Google Ads to get more leads, sales, and referrals.

wait there's more!

Bonuses Especially For You






Private Facebook Group

Come hang out with me, my team, your coaches, and your colleagues in our Facebook Group.

Coaching Calls

If you’ve got questions, your coaches have answers! Check the schedule to join our coaching calls throughout the week!

Monthly Social
Media Templates

A monthly marketing planner – equipped with fully customizable graphics and captions – designed to keep you top of mind, in focus, and on track.

Design Vault

Stunning, high-converting, templates, images, and photos, so you can sell visually - Expertly created, in-house, by our graphic designer.

Copy Vault

High-converting, time-saving, compelling copy, so your messaging sells - Expertly written, in-house, by yours truly (Aarin).

Scripts Vault

High-converting, time-saving scripts, designed to help you generate, nurture, and convert new leads - Carefully composed, in-house, by yours truly (Aarin).

Anchor Training
Tech Tutorials

Never get stumped by tools again! If you're stuck, we have an ever-growing library of tech tutorials to help you get answers to your questions instantly!


Millionaire Mindset Course

Learn the exact habits, routines, and lessons I've learned while building an 8-figure business. I'll teach you how to apply these methods to increase your income (and your impact)!


Time Blocking Course

This is one of my most requested courses! Inside, you'll learn the exact schedule every real estate agent should have, how to time block your day, and my best productivity hacks - so you can stay in focus and on track!

Web Design Course

Stop renting your website. Learn step-by-step instructions to design a stunning real estate website so you can generate, nurture, and convert new leads 24/7!






Rave Reviews

Hi There!

I'm Aarin Chung

And I’m the author of “The Real Real Estate Agent” book, and CEO and Founder of the Community Influencer® Academy, the world’s largest online learning community for real estate agents.

After working with hundreds of thousands of real estate agents, l can confidently say, know what works!

Inside this course, I teach real estate agents how to get more clients, leads, and referrals, so they can make more money.

Sound like you? Perfect! 

welcome to your


step 1


Attract Leads To Your List

step 2


Convert Leads Into Clients

step 3


Transform Clients Into Fans

step 4


Turn Fans Into Referrals



Weekly Marketing Coaching
Join Myra every week to improve your engagement, ads, and SEO.


Take A Peek Inside the Academy Library

What Our Students Say...


your future self will love you for...


So you know exactly what to do to generate leads every day, create massive momentum in your business, cherry-pick ideal clients, and hit every single one of your goals. 


So you never have to rely on anyone (or anything) to build your business ever again. We’ll show you how to use inbound, attraction-based marketing, so you never have to hunt for leads, chase people down, or beg for clients again. 


So you can be the go-to agent in any community and take over any market that you choose. Everyone will be so familiar with your brand, when they reach out to you, they’ll already know that you’re the one they want to hire. 

Enroll Today!



  • 12+ Months of Courses
  • Weekly Coaching Calls
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Monthly Social Media Templates
  • Weekly Video Script Templates
  • Access to Scripts Vault
  • Access to Design Vault
  • Anchor Training Tech Tutorials
  • Web Design Course
  • All Surprise Bonuses!
  • Millionaire Mindset Course
  • Time Blocking Course


  • 12+ Months of Courses
  • Weekly Coaching Calls
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Monthly Social Media Templates
  • Weekly Video Script Templates
  • Access to Scripts Vault
  • Access to Design Vault
  • Anchor Training Tech Tutorials
  • Web Design Course
  • All Surprise Bonuses!
  • Millionaire Mindset Course
  • Time Blocking Course

You only need to book
one client

& the program has literally paid for itself.

Rave Reviews

This isn't a good fit unless you're..


Means you’ll do anything and everything to make it work. You won’t go one more day without an expert’s help because you’re sick and tired of not having this dialed in and will stop at nothing to figure this out.


Means you realize there’s nothing more important than building your business. You also realize that your way isn’t working, so you’re willing to trust our process and know that if you follow it exactly, you can smash all of your goals. 


Means you’ve decided that today’s the day to make a change. If you don’t have resources to invest, you’ll figure it out. Resources always appear after you’ve decided to change – Transformation begins with the transaction. 


Let me answer some of your questions...

How long is this real estate coaching program?

We want to work with you for enough time for you to see results. So the Community Influencer® Academy is an annual membership, with a one-year commitment. After your 12 months is up, you'll be billed month to month - and you can cancel anytime. However, we do have a 95% retention rate, so most of our members stay indefinitely after joining!

Can I see reviews before joining?

Absolutely! We have hundreds of them! Click here to see real screenshots, from actual Members, who've voluntarily posted their results inside our Facebook Groups.

Does this work for new agents?

Yes! Even if you’re not licensed yet, there’s a ton of stuff you should be doing to prepare, so you can hit the ground running on your first day - and the program covers them all!

Does this work for agents who live in Canada (or anywhere else in the world)?

Yes! It doesn’t matter what geographic market you serve, the marketing strategies we teach are universal, which means they'll work for any residential real estate agent.

Do I have to be a residential real estate agent to enroll?

We’ve even had real estate agents who’ve applied our marketing principles to a second business they owned and exploded that second business too, but this program was designed solely with residential real estate agents in mind.

Are there any additional costs after joining?

As a business owner, you know... It takes money to make money. However, we're obsessed about keeping revenue high and expenses low! So, in the beginning, we'll teach you how to generate leads for free! Then, once you're ready, we'll teach you how to run paid marketing and advertising campaigns in order to scale your results.

What if I'm short on time?

Real estate agents are busy people! But there's nothing more important than generating new leads for your business. Nothing. So, as busy as you are, we're going to help you prioritize your time to ensure that everything gets done - starting with lead generation! And that's exactly why we included the Time-Blocking Accelerator along with tons of time-saving templates, cheat sheets, and checklists as well!

What if I'm not financially ready to buy today?

One new client will cover the entire cost of the program, but if you genuinely can't afford to become a member today, put revenue first. We'll celebrate your enrollment during our next live launch! (We typically open doors to the academy once a year, in early February.)

Do I need a website?

Yep, because unlike social media and ads, it’s the only platform you actually own! If you don't have one, we'll show you how to build a stunning website, using our professionally designed templates, in under an hour!

Do you have a refund policy?

Yep! You have 7 days to cancel and refund, for any reason, no questions asked. This means that you'll be able to go through the entire 7-Figure Flywheel® Course with us, see if you like our teaching style, then decide if you want to stay for the rest of the year. (Hint: You should!)

Now you have two options...



I won’t say that method doesn’t work. A number of successful agents have slogged through any and every bit of content they could find online, then figured out what actually works through trial and error. 

But I will say that that method is a lot slower, more painful, and more overwhelming. 

And for every real estate agent who reaches success on that route, there are thousands who give up.



You could have the community, support, strategies  *and the coach* committed to helping you get to the next level. If you’ve ever dreamt of growing your business into one that gives you the life you’ve always wanted… 

If you’re tired of seeing yet another 6 months… 12 months… 2 years go by where you’re still struggling to make it to the next level… 

If you want to reach more people and impact more lives, then I’ll see you in Community Influencer® Academy.


Join us today and
start seeing results!

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