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Let's plan ALL your monthly social media content together in under ONE hour.

Get LIVE coaching, on-demand training, tools, templates, and (lightning-fast) support for only $7/month!


Do you ever feel like...

  • You’re losing leads because you’re not posting consistently?

  • You’re spending more time as a social media manager (than you are as an agent)?

  • You know you need to film vertical videos (but you’re too terrified to record)?

  • You see other agents going viral on social (but have no idea how)?

  • Your broker is pushing you to publish cheesy content (that cheapens your brand)?

  • Every agent in your market is using the same (tired, worn-out) templates?

  • Your marketing is attracting the wrong clients (or no clients at all)?

  • You know WHAT to do, but don’t always know WHY or HOW?

  • You can’t plan, create, and post content alone (because it’s too overwhelming)?


Me too!

So, I created everything I wish I had when I became an agent!
  • Plan all of your content for the month (in one hour) - with me and my entire team!

  • Get your first (or next) 100 followers on all platforms!

  • Create 30 days of unique content, month after month, using a proven marketing plan!

  • Get (infinite) confidence on camera!

  • Create engaging vertical videos for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok!

  • Use AI to write all of your captions, copy, and comments!

  • Stand out from your competitors with interesting marketing content, tailor-made just for you!

  • Create content when you’re on the go (while walking in heels or closing deals)!

  • Attract quality leads that know, like, trust (and remember) you!

  • Generate infinite traffic, leads, sales, and referrals!

  • …While being yourself, having more fun, and making an impact!

Soon, you’ll be able to…
Create 30 days of unique marketing content every month (with our help)!
Get seen by 10K+ people in your community every month (for free)!
Get 1-3 warm real estate leads a week by being everywhere, all the time.

...And we’ll give you everything you need to make it all happen!
Turn content into commission
Get LIVE coaching, on-demand training, tools, templates, and (lightning-fast) support for only $7/month!
Here's What You Get...
Access to on-demand courses that will teach you the skills to turn real estate content into real estate commissions!
Attend monthly masterminds with me (and my amazing team) and come out with a proven (daily) posting plan!
Steal our ideas (along with customizable templates, reels, and graphics) so you can generate leads every week!
Join the ORIGINAL content coaching membership, the largest online learning community for agents - Since 2016.
Market for the year we live in!
One Mastermind to Rule Them All
Here’s what we’ll cover on our calls and courses…
Instagram Reels
Facebook Reels
TikTok Videos
YouTube Shorts
Direct Messaging
Content Planning
Content Posting
Video Editing
...Plus, allllllll of these amazing bonuses!

bonus 1
Mastermind Call

Let’s plan ALL your monthly social media content together (in ONE hour)! On this call, you'll get to mastermind with me, my team, your coaches, and amazing colleagues - And come out with a proven daily posting plan!

bonus 2
2024 Real Estate
Marketing Roadmap

Your million-dollar real estate marketing plan. Learn, step-by-step, how to start, grow, and scale your business to 7-figures (and beyond)!

bonus 3
Facebook Group

Come hang out with me, my team, your instructors, and your colleagues in our Facebook Group.

bonus 4
Social Media, Stories, and Reels Templates

We were the first membership to offer Canva templates for agents! Get access to our stunning, high-converting, customizable graphics, stories, and reels – all designed to help you generate leads!

bonus 5
Monthly Content Planner

We’ll guide you through this process, step-by-step, so you can plan all of your content for the month in one hour!

bonus 6
Social Media Marketing Course

Learn how to get leads from social media, position yourself as the go-to agent in your community with our content planner and customizable social media templates, and quickly create new content using AI!

bonus 7
Agent Bio

A powerful bio is the cornerstone of a strong personal brand. Showcase your unique style, experience, and achievements - along with your market knowledge and client-centric approach. Just plug in your info and watch your bio come to life!

bonus 8
Instagram Highlight Templates

Streamline your profile by categorizing and highlighting your best content - like listings, testimonials, or community events. Elevate your brand and get a cohesive and polished profile (with just one click)!

bonus 9
Facebook Cover Templates

Make a lasting first impression with our curated collection of covers! Just tailor the templates to reflect your brand’s unique style, messaging, and colors - so you can establish a cohesive visual identity that instantly resonates with your audience.

bonus 10
Weekly YouTube Scripts

Access a year’s worth of real estate video scripts, so you always know what to say, and how to say it (even if you’re brand new).

bonus 11
Video Idea

Access an entire library of successful example videos from winning agents who've mastered video marketing.

bonus 12
Video Marketing

Learn what to do before, during, and after video creation, so you can get ‘come list me’ sellers and ‘write my contract’ buyers - easily and consistently.

bonus 13
Aarin's Weekly

Be the first to know about new platform algorithm changes, beta features to make your content go viral, and pitfalls to avoid (that could compromise your accounts).

Let us be your marketing department!
Monthly Marketing Mastermind
Mastermind with me, my team, and your amazing colleagues - and come out with a proven (daily) posting plan!
Hundreds of stunning Canva templates
Planned for you every month

Stay top of mind, all the time.

Story Templates to Boost Engagement

Vertical Video is here to stay! Get maximum engagement on your Reels, Stories, Shorts, and TikToks with our vertical real estate templates – Proven to get results!

Customizable Templates in One Click!

Tired of seeing your competitors using the exact same real estate templates as you? Our templates allow you to use 100% unique content that’s on-brand and in style! Plus, change all the fonts, photos, and colors – in just one click!

We were the first company to create Canva templates for real estate agents!
Imagine A Real Estate Mastermind That…
  • Focuses exclusively on helping creative real estate agents scale their brand and revenue.

  • Teaches you to master content marketing, sharpen decision-making, and build content machines.

  • Joins like-minded agents with the same goals: Traffic, Leads, Sales, and Referrals.

  • Allows you behind-the-scenes access to Aarin Chung as she builds her real estate business.

  • Helps you implement and adapt to industry changes so you can stay ahead of the curve.

  • Connects you with helpful, successful 6 and 7-figure agents around the world!

  • Helps you increase your influence and income, so you can increase your impact.

Take a peek inside the club…
We’ve been helping agents since 2016!

Who Is This For?


You want to hit the ground running, so you can generate your first sale within the next 6-18 months.


You want to implement a proven marketing plan, so you can grow your income (and impact).


You want a plug-n-play system that helps you create viral content, so you can feed your team.

...In any geographic farm, niche, or specialty!

We’ve helped over 15,000 agents!
our 4-step framework

The 7-Figure Flywheel®

In this program, we’ll be focusing exclusively on Stage 1, so you can master content marketing!


Attract Leads To Your List


Convert Leads Into Clients


Transform Clients Into Fans


Turn Fans Into Referrals

Content Marketing IS Sales
meet your mentor
Aarin Chung

I’m the author of the best-selling book “The Real Real Estate Agent”, CEO of Community Influencer®, and founder of the Community Influencer® Academy – the world’s largest online learning community for real estate agents.

I’m also a Realtor® and a marketing consultant who started working 1:1 with agents in 2014. 

Since 2016, I’ve advised 200K+ real estate agents in my programs and platforms, and l can confidently say, I know what works!

My sole goal is to provide more value than anywhere you can find online, so we can grow our businesses together!

My company’s mission is to glorify God by helping agents increase their income, so they can increase their impact.

Increase your income,
so you can increase your impact
Is This Mastermind For You?
  • Starting Today: This means that you are a residential real estate agent who has enough time, margin, and tenacity to implement everything you learn today. Don’t join if you’re looking for a quick fix or silver bullet.

  • You value education and generosity: You learn voraciously and share your genius freely. You’re also willing to share what’s working in your market, what doesn’t, and why.

  • You want to lead with trust, not transactions: This program is designed for caring agents who genuinely love helping people. Don’t join if you value commission before community, or real estate before relationships.

  • You value collaboration over competition: Our Members genuinely want to be a part of and contribute to a community where they can create, compare, and share ideas.

  • You’re creative and tech-savvy: As a former middle school teacher, I break every concept down to its simplest steps. However, Content Marketing is a brand-new language that will sometimes require you to think outside of the box, test new strategies, and get resourceful. Don’t join if you’re easily frustrated by any of this.

  • You want to increase your influence, income, and impact!

  • You hate creating content: We can only help agents who genuinely want to perfect their marketing, enjoy geeking out on social, and look forward to posting high-quality, helpful content on a consistent basis.

  • You’re impatient or hate change: Content Marketing takes time and tech is always changing. This community is not a good fit if you’re unwilling or unable to make time to learn our proven strategies (and any required updates that may follow).

  • You have an ego: This global community is filled with 6 and 7-figure agents, in varying communities, niches, and backgrounds - all working towards the same goal. Don't join if you are unwilling to learn from others and think you already know it all.

  • You want done-for-you services: Inside, we'll build your real estate business with you. We’re the largest online learning community for real estate agents in the world - not a marketing agency.

Turn Content Into Commission
Here's What You Get...
Monthly Membership
  • Ai Training

  • Instagram Reels

  • Facebook Reels

  • TikTok Videos

  • YouTube Shorts

  • Monthly Content Planner

  • Monthly Mastermind Call

  • Real Estate Marketing Plan

  • Private Facebook Group

  • Social Media Templates

  • Instagram Highlight Templates

  • Facebook Cover Templates

  • Video Marketing Course

  • Video Idea Vault

  • Weekly YouTube Scripts

  • Agent Bio Template

  • Aarin's Weekly Newsletter

  • And more!

Rave Reviews
Let me answer some of your questions...
What’s the Catch… Why is this only $7?

There’s no catch! Seriously. Our sole goal is to provide more value than anywhere you can find online, so you can get crazy results! Then, as your business grows, we hope that you’ll trust us enough to join our other programs as you level up in the future!

How long is this real estate coaching program?

We’re committed to working with you for as long as it takes, because we want you to get results!

Does this work for new agents?
Does this work for agents who live outside of the US?
Yes! It doesn’t matter what geographic market you serve, the marketing strategies we teach are universal, which means they’ll work for any residential real estate agent.
Do I have to be a residential real estate agent to enroll?
Yes, this program is designed solely with residential real estate agents in mind.
Are there any additional costs after joining?
Nope! If you have a cell phone and a social media presence, you’re ready to go!
What if I'm short on time?

Real estate agents are busy people! But there is nothing more important than generating leads for your business. Nothing. So, we believe that every agent needs to dedicate 2 hours to generating leads at the start of every day.

Do you have a refund policy?
If you join for $7 and don’t love this program, you can cancel at any time – and you won’t be charged again.
Outsource operations, not marketing
Now you have two options...

I won’t say that method doesn’t work. A number of successful agents have slogged through any and every bit of training they could find online, then figured out what actually works through trial and error.

But I will say that that method is a lot slower, more painful, and more overwhelming.

And for every real estate agent who reaches success on that route, there are thousands who were forced to quit because they ran out of cash.


You could have the community, support, strategies *and the expert* committed to helping you get to the next level. If you’ve ever dreamt of growing your business into one that gives you the life you’ve always wanted…

If you’re tired of seeing yet another 6 months… 12 months… 2 years go by where you’re still struggling to make it to the next level…

If you want to reach more people and impact more lives, then I’ll see you in the Content to Commissions™ Club.

Join the ORIGINAL content coaching membership - Operating since 2016, with 100K+ agents across all our platforms.
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