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Why Join CommunityInfluencer®?

(It’s obvious, but let’s talk…)

When we say the word, Realtor®, what comes to mind? Big deals? Big talk? Big hair? Let’s redefine that.

At Community Influencer®, we believe in the Modern Agent: The tech-savvy Realtors® who have ardently abandoned cold calling, door knocking, and other old-school trickery. Community Influencers® want to learn how to generate leads online, nurture relationships at scale, and take over their local markets. And we’re on a mission to teach them all.

In fact, we’re skyrocketing right now. We’re helping more real estate agents than ever before. Our students send weekly emails just to say thank you and daily testimonials showing how our team has changed their lives.

As a company, we prioritize freedom (not control) so you have the liberty to be both creative and innovative. If you need to go for a walk, pick up the kids, or meet a friend for lunch, do it – you don’t have to ask.

We’re also committed to creating a diverse, collaborative working environment that actively rejects groupthink and celebrates our differences. When you apply here, you’ll be considered regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, age, sex, marital status, ancestry, disability, veteran status, gender identity, or sexual orientation. Everyone says it, but we actually live it.

There’s never been a better time to join our start-up team. It’s a big opportunity with even bigger potential. And you’ll be part of it all.

Ready to join us?

Team Perks

We encourage our team to take three weeks of PTO a year – minimumSo give yourself a mental health day or go on that bucket list getaway.

Seriously. This is a place where you can spread your wings and fly (literally).

Here are some of the amazing perks we offer our employees…

  • Top-of-Market Salary (you’ll make more here than you will there)
  • Unlimited, paid vacation (shame-free, guilt-free)
  • 8 Paid US Holidays
  • Work from home or wherever you want (we’re a fully remote team)
  • Flexible work schedules (Carpool at 8am? No problem)
  • All-inclusive company retreats at amazing locations (once it’s safe to travel)
  • World-Class health, dental, and vision insurance

  • 401k Retirement Plan (with company contributions!)
  • Paid parental leave
  • Casual dress code
  • Talent-stacked team (like you, they’re also the best at what they do)
  • Company culture that prioritizes creative freedom over archaic control

Job Role

Your Dream Job

Our new CX Associate will help us create a helpful, joyful and magical brand experience on all interactive channels to ensure that every person in our community feels confident in our Company’s ability to deliver results during every step in their student journey – from follower to fan.

Does this describe you?

  • When helping customers at work, you’re a positive, eloquent, and intelligent advocate who prioritizes effectiveness over efficiency when needed.
  • Your superpower lies in your unique ability to identify others’ motives, pain, and feelings so you can defuse tension before anyone even senses a disturbance.
  • You’re an empathetic, patient communicator that strives to create a win-win situation for both the consumer and for the company.
  • You’re resourceful, organized, tech-savvy, and able to balance your workload, mitigate distractions, and create an incredible customer experience for each person you encounter.
  • You want to work at a company that helps people, in a role that has meaning, promoting a product that aligns with your ethics, morals, and beliefs.
  • You thrive when you have opportunities to express your creativity, resourcefulness, and insight.
  • You want to work at a place with zero office politics, few strict rules, and a relatively flat hierarchy, so you can focus on doing what matters most.
  • You value cooperation and independence and love working for managers who are open-minded and value your input.
  • You want to work for a company that’s sensitive to your concerns, listens to your feedback, and celebrates your wins.
  • People come to you with their problems but leave inspired by possibilities.

Your Mission

  • Create a helpful, joyful and magical brand experience on all interactive channels to ensure that every person in our community feels confident in our Company’s ability to deliver results during every step in their student journey – from follower to fan
  • Find new ways to surprise and delight so that we create a memorable and lasting customer experience
  • Defend our status as category king so we continue to be the clear choice in a crowded marketplace by imagining new ways to to build a wider moat amongst a siege of competitors and acting on relevant feedback from students enrolled in our programs and our community at large
  • Implement creative retention strategies by applying powerful sequences that save customers during dunning, cancelation, and refunds to ensure loyal, lifelong students
  • Upsell, downsell, and cross sell relevant programs in our product suite so we can provide greater solutions for students at every level of their customer journey

Your Typical Tasks

  • Troubleshoot, triage, and answer consumer questions across all of our platforms (including email, live chat, social media, ad comments, Zoom, Loom, online surveys, and occasionally phone)
  • Increase customer advocacy (including referrals, testimonials, ascension, and retention)
  • Understand CX metrics to identify what drives, stops, and persuades consumers in our funnels, so we can give them the best experience possible
  • Identify new ways to upsell, downsell, and cross sell relevant programs in our product suite so we can provide better solutions for students at every level of their consumer journey
  • Use important CX deliverables (such as buyer personas, consumer journey analyses, buyer blueprint mapping, and revenue-focused action plans) to make daily decisions
  • Work closely with the Marketing Team, Advertising Team, and Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Associate to anticipate high traffic volume that may affect the customer experience
  • Stay abreast of digital marketing trends and proactively share valuable insights
  • Improve existing sales flows and support SOP’s
  • Research, identify, and implement new tools that would provide a better experience for consumers as they move through our online sales funnels

Your Superpowers

  • You’re the best in the world at what you do
  • You love helping people and care about their success
  • You love data and make data-driven decisions
  • You have experience working in a help desk
  • You’re rarely overwhelmed
  • You navigate tough situations with style and grace
  • You have a Bachelor’s degree
  • You’re creative, innovative, and have BIG ideas you want to implement
  • You’re coachable and want to be on a high-performance team
  • You’re comfortable giving (and receiving) performance feedback
  • You are candid, transparent, and non-political
  • You seek what is best for the company, not your boss, yourself, or your group
  • You take smart risks and are open to possible failure
  • You learn rapidly and voraciously – every day
  • You are broadly knowledgeable about business, marketing, and technology
  • You obsess over user experience and customer experience
  • You admit mistakes freely and openly
  • You are good at using data to inform your intuition
  • You celebrate wins and highlight your failures
  • You thrive in challenge and refuse to believe, “that can’t be done”
  • You are organized, delight in the details, and never let things slip through the cracks
  • You would never utter the words “That’s not my job” – instead you always jump in to help, no matter what

Your Salary

  • $55,000

Your Application

We’re excited to keep stacking our team with the most talented, committed, fun people in the world. If this is a position you’re passionate about, send us your application ASAP. Click below to apply!

Who Should Apply?

If you currently serve in any of the following roles, we highly encourage you to apply: CX Associate, Customer Experience Associate, Customer Experience Specialist, CX Specialist, Customer Service Specialist, Customer Service Supervisor, Customer Service Representative (CSR), Customer Service Specialist, Customer Service Associate, Customer Success Specialist, Customer Support Representative, Customer Service Coordinator, Customer Service Agent.

Please Note: Candidates must be US Citizens or Permanent Residents to apply.

Community Influencer® is an equal opportunity employer. As part of our commitment to fight for equality, we work to ensure a fair and consistent interview process. We celebrate diversity and we are committed to an inclusive work environment.

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