Hi there! I’m Aarin! 

I teach modern real estate agents how to market for the year we live in, and to become a Community Influencer™.

No more cold calling. No more door knocking.  

Real estate marketing has changed.

Now, it’s all about online lead generation!

If you’re new here, you’ve probably been searching how to get new real estate leads after you realized that old school marketing tactics aren’t working. So you came out of curiosity or desperation.

I get it.

Either way, there’s a ton of amazing content and information below that’s tailored to busy Realtors® like you, and will give you an inside look at who we are, what we offer, and how you can get involved!

I know you want to jump right in (and I don’t blame you) so my advice to you is to start at the top and go from there.


Your RoadMap to Success Starts Here


1. FREE MASTERCLASS: How to Generate 100 Real Estate Leads in 60 Days

In this FREE Masterclass I’ll share with you….

  1. The 3 biggest mistakes everyone makes when trying to generate online real estate leads.
  2. The secret to getting in front of hundreds of people each month, while growing your list FAST.
  3. My 5-step framework for attracting traffic, leads, and referrals (all online of course).

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2. Community Influencer Academy™

If you’re ready to invest in yourself and overhaul your real estate business, THIS IS IT. 

This is where you become a Community Influencer™.

Say hello to our monthly Membership….Community Influencer Academy™!

Your membership includes a lot. Seriously.

 Some real estate “coaches” charge thousands of dollars and give you only a snippet of the information you get in LSA. 

That’s why there’s thousands of agents singing our praises and using CIA to up their real estate marketing game. 

You get…

  • Courses that include step-by-step strategies to maximize online marketing to skyrocket your business using Community Influencer™ marketing, social media, Facebook ads, blogs, video, and email – plus, you’ll learn how to leverage meet-ups and event promotion like a pro.
  • Monthly coaching sessions with me, social media graphics and content, accountability partner pairings, and tech talk news updates to keep you on track.
  • A fired-up community full of support and referrals with agents just like you.
  • Done-for-you lead-generating content for every single month – plus some awesome bonuses to grow your business.

I know that’s a lot to take in. But when I created this Membership, I wanted it to be FULL of value. 

And I’m pretty sure that I kept that promise! 

If you’re ready to up your real estate marketing game…

Learn More!


3. Community Influencer™ Coaching

Built just for students that are ready for the next step!

You’ve learned how to generate real estate leads on demand to grow your business on autopilot. Now, it’s time to generate leads at scale to dominate your local market. 

That’s exactly what you get in the Coaching program.

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Love Free Real Estate Content?

Community Influencer™ Show

Every week I go live on Facebook with a brand new episode of the Community Influencer™ Show. These are typically around 15 minutes long, are tons of fun, and are jammed packed full of real estate lead gen tips that you won’t get anywhere else. I cover things like how to create authority in your local market, social media do’s and don’ts, and plenty of success stories.

I know everyone has a different method of digesting information. And the good news is, I cover it all!

Blog – For all the scholars that love a good read, this one is for you! I always write a summary of each episode so you can skim through it and pick out the highlights. Read the latest episodes here!

Podcast – If you like to listen to podcasts on your daily commute, this is perfect for you. Each episode is added to my Podcast Channel for your listening pleasure. Tune in! (PS – don’t forget to Subscribe so you don’t miss another episode!)

Video – Video is key to a successful real estate marketing strategy, so I also broadcast each episode on Facebook, YouTube, and IGTV! If you like to watch live so that you can ask me questions and get the full experience, like us on our Facebook page to be notified when I go live!



Come hang out with us online:


Again, I’m so glad that you’re here! And I can’t wait to teach you how to become a Community Influencer™ in your area!

If you have any questions about any of this, that’s what we’re here for!

Simply drop us a note at [email protected] and my team will be in touch!


Free Masterclass: 100 Real Estate Leads in 60 Days 

85% of real estate agents fail within their first 5 years. And do you know why? Because they aren’t generating enough leads to scale their business. 

That’s the ugly truth about this industry. But the good news is that you are 100% responsible for the actions you take and the results you get. 

Join me for my FREE Masterclass where I’ll teach you how to create leads on demand, nurture relationships at scale, and take over any local market.

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