I’m so excited to share that Lead Strategy Academy™ was recently in the news!

When Texas Realtors® reached out and asked to interview me for an article on social media advertising for real estate agents, I jumped at the chance to showcase the Community Influencer™ Show and Lead Strategy Academy™!

I also touched on some of  my favorite real estate marketing techniques that I teach in LSA…

“One dollar a day is more than sufficient to stay top of mind with those in your sphere,” says Chung. “Those are people who know you, like you, trust you—very hot audiences for you.”
From there, Chung recommends reaching out to what she terms warm audiences: those who’ve seen your signs or heard your name but aren’t a lead yet.

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At this point, you may be convinced that you need a social media content plan. If you’re a student of mine, this is all covered in my Lead Strategy Academy!

If you’re not a student of mine, don’t worry, I have an amazing freebie for you that I’ve pulled right out of my Academy to help you start your journey. It’s called the Community Influencer™ Marketing Plan! And it will show you how to get real estate leads, sales, and referrals… Without cold calling or door knocking! If you want a copy of this freebie, click the link above, and it’s yours!


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