How To DIY A Real Estate Website

How To DIY A Real Estate Website I The Real Real Estate Agent Show with Aarin Chung

If you don’t have a website, you’re leaving money on the table – In this post, I’m going to show you how to DIY a high-converting real estate website (in under an hour)!

Here’s What You’ll Learn Today…

  • How to choose a website domain.
  • Which real estate website builder is best for building a website for real estate professionals?
  • How to install our web design kit.
  • How to customize the kit so your real estate website is unique.
  • How to publish your own website so the world can see it.

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Real Estate Website Tutorial Timestamps:


  • Site Demo: 00:00
  • What You’ll Learn: 03:26
  • How To Join The Community Influencer® Academy: 05:10
  • How To Join Our Facebook Group: 06:04


  • Access all of the necessary tools to build your real estate website
  • Get A Domain: 06:13
  • Get Hosting: 11:26


  • Install the WordPress framework to build your real estate website.
  • Install WordPress: 17:36
  • Install Elementor: 19:24
  • Install Plugins: 24:28
  • Import Web Design Kits: 25:41
  • Create Blog Categories: 27:54


  • Import our website design kit and customize your website.
  • Create Website Menus: 35:11
  • Customize The Global Areas: 39:41
  • Customize The Home Page: 51:31
  • Customize The About Page: 57:43
  • Customize the Category Pages: 59:21
  • Customize The Real Estate Pages: 01:04
  • Add A Privacy Policy: 01:11


  • Go live and present your new website to the world!
  • Go Live: 01:13

Why You Need A Real Estate Website

Whenever I teach this topic, one question gets asked: “Aarin, do I really need a website for my real estate business?” And my answer is always, “Yes! If you want to STAY in said real estate business.”

If you don’t have a real estate website yet, it should be one of the next tactics that you incorporate into your marketing strategy as a real estate agent.

Remember, we live in a world where virtual and reality overlap, even in the real estate industry. So your community, leads, clients, and referrals will all research their agents online through their real estate websites before they ever contact them in real life. And if they can’t find their real estate agent online, the only logical conclusion they can make is: “If this agent can’t even market her business online, how on earth is she going to market my home online?” And they’d be absolutely right!

I specifically remember one student who came to me after she’d lost 2 transactions in the last 2 months because two referrals from church couldn’t find her real estate business online. I hear stories like this all the time in the real estate industry.

So here’s the bottom line:

If you don’t have a website for your real estate business, you’re leaving money on the table.

But not all real estate websites are created equal. Here, I’ll answer the most common questions I get on a daily basis, so you can avoid the most common pitfalls and build the best real estate website for yourself.

FAQ #1: Can I Use The Free Website My Broker Gives Me?

First of all, nothing in life is free. Using your broker’s site comes at a high cost.

You’re going to run into trouble if:

  • You switch brokerages
  • Your broker goes out of business
  • Your broker gets bought out
  • Your broker cancels their contract with their website provider

Hundreds of real estate agents have come to me over the years who found this out the hard way.

Furthermore, when you use a broker site, you have no control over the leads, data, or content on your real estate site. There are usually no bells and whistles (or they’re additional upgrades for a hefty fee). They’re hard to get such real estate websites ranked on Google. They promote and brand the broker, not you. Worst of all, they send leads to the broker, not you.

That’s the dirty little secret that no one wants you to know: Your leads can be siphoned away from you and given to your competitors in the same brokerage. How do I know? Because I work with thousands of real estate agents every day, and I hear about it happening all the time (it’s also probably happening to you, and you don’t even know it).

These broker sites also create dependence, not independence. I’m a firm believer that real estate agents should own, not rent.

FAQ #2: Can I Use A Custom Real Estate Website Built By A Web Designer?

You can use such real estate websites, but it’s expensive – usually between $5,000 to $10,000. There are also ongoing monthly fees and periodic fees that occur every time you change the website. Also, most designers know how to build appealing sites, but that doesn’t mean those pretty sites actually convert users into clients. So essentially, you could spend $10,000 on a shiny new real estate website that generates zero leads.

Designers also have difficulty dealing with real estate websites because they don’t understand how to integrate IDX Home Search. And IDX Home Search is one of the best ways to get leads and sales from your site as a real estate agent.

And once again, it creates dependence, not independence. Real estate agents should own, not rent.

FAQ #3: Can I Buy A Real Estate Site Subscription?

You can, but there are expensive setup fees. You also have to pay costly monthly fees.

And there’s a dirty little secret with these companies too. If you ever cancel, the company will hold all of your website’s content hostage when you leave. That’s right, none of your blogs, leads, or Google rankings come with you.

And again… It creates dependence, not independence. Why rent when you can buy?


“Renting a website is like renting a home. You have no control.”

Ownership and control are why every real estate agent needs a WordPress Website. Once your own website is built on WordPress, you’ll own it forever. WordPress is the gold standard when it comes to real estate website builders, which is why it powers most sites on the internet.

It also has a repository filled with thousands of plugins that allow you to extend the capability of your own website.

Want to collect appointments? No problem.

Want to add IDX home search? Sure thing.

Want to compile email newsletter subscriptions? You got it.

And the best part? The opportunity to rank on Google is high, and the ongoing investment is low. In fact, WordPress itself is free! The domain, hosting, and editor are about $24/mo. And IDX (optional) is between $50-$100/mo.

If you set it up correctly, your real estate website should be a sales machine. Even if you only got one sale from your website, it would cover the cost of your site for years to come!

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