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2024 Real Estate Marketing Roadmap™
A complete, step-by-step roadmap to generate more leads, clients, and referrals, so you can have your best year ever!
With this roadmap, you'll be able to...

Learn our exclusive, 4-step plan to get infinite traffic, leads, sales, and referrals (on autopilot) to grow your real estate business exponentially.


Learn all the ways you can leverage social media, online ads, and search engine rankings to get in front of 100K+ people a month.


Develop your perfect daily routine, posting schedule, follow-up cadence, and growth metrics so you can stay in-focus and on track the entire year.


Discover your unique brand colors, messaging, vision, and values - so you can stand out from the crowd.

Take a peek inside the roadmap…
Market for the year we live in!
meet your mentor
Aarin Chung

I’m the author of the best-selling book “The Real Real Estate Agent”, CEO of Community Influencer®, and founder of the Community Influencer® Academy – the world’s largest online learning community for real estate agents.

I’m also a Realtor® and a marketing consultant who started working 1:1 with agents in 2014. 

Since 2016, I’ve advised 200K+ real estate agents in my programs and platforms, and l can confidently say, I know what works!

My sole goal is to provide more value than anywhere you can find online, so we can grow our businesses together!

My company’s mission is to glorify God by helping agents increase their income, so they can increase their impact.

Rave Reviews!
Let me answer some of your questions...
What’s the Catch… Why is this only $7?

There’s no catch! Seriously. Our sole goal is to provide more value than anywhere you can find online, so you can get crazy results! Then, as your business grows, we hope that you’ll trust us enough to join our other programs as you level up in the future!

Does this work for new agents?
Does this work for agents who live outside of the US?
Yes! It doesn’t matter what geographic market you serve, the marketing strategies we teach are universal, which means they’ll work for any residential real estate agent.
Do I have to be a residential real estate agent to download?

Yes, this roadmap is designed solely with residential real estate agents in mind.

Are there any additional costs after buying?
Nope! If you have a cell phone and a social media presence, you’re ready to go!
What if I'm short on time?

Real estate agents are busy people! But there is nothing more important than generating leads for your business. Nothing. So, we believe that every agent needs to dedicate 2 hours to generating leads at the start of every day.

Start generating more leads, clients, and referrals, so you can have your best year ever!
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