Ever wondered how you can generate new real estate leads on a podcast? Repin, and then see how this Community Influencer™ got featured on a local podcast!




In today’s #SuccessStory, I’m so happy to share this Lead Strategy Academy™ Review from Member Galen Parker. Galen is a real estate agent in Richmond, VA and he’s doing big things in his area!

I couldn’t wait to pick his brain about how he is using all that he’s learning through LSA to become a community expert.

Listen in to find out how he uses the material he’s learning in LSA to get featured on a local podcast series, and how it’s made his real estate business soar. Plus, find out about the number one thing that made him stand out from other local agents (and the reason why he was chosen for this opportunity).

You’re seriously going to love his story and his energy, and I hope this encourages other real estate agents to get outside of their comfort zone and put themselves out there and try a podcast! You just never know what amazing opportunities it may bring.

I love how Galen is continuing to build a successful foundation that will serve his business for years to come!

Press play on the video or player above to hear more from this conversation.


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Want to know the secret to getting new real estate leads? Repin, and then find out why I chose my new Realtor!
Want to know the secret to finding more real estate clients? Repin, and then find out the number one reason why I chose my last Realtor!
Want the secret to finding new real estate agents? Repin, and then find out why we chose our new real estate agent!
Want to get new real estate clients? Repin, and then find out the number one reason why we chose our real estate agent!
How He Got Featured On A Local Real Estate Podcast
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