Want to know how she's using what's she's learning in the Lead Strategy Academy to get real estate leads? Repin, and then watch to find out her secrets to getting voted Best Realtor!




In today’s Lead Strategy Academy™ Review, I’m more than excited to interview Member Kim Eilers. Kim is an amazing Realtor in Atlanta, Georgia, and she’s sharing her story about how she’s completely changed the way she does her real estate marketing.

Listen in to find out how she used the material she’s learning in LSA to win the People’s Choice Award for Best Realtor!

Plus, she’ll tell you the things she loves most about our Membership, why she’s focusing on progression and not perfection, and her story about becoming a Community Influencer™!

I loved hearing about Kim’s life in Atlanta, and how she’s quickly becoming the go-to community expert in her area, not only as a real estate agent, but also as a business owner.

It proves that if you apply what I’m teaching you in our program, you’ll realize the potential you have to create your own successful business.

Press play on the video or player above to hear more from this conversation!


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Want to know the secret to getting new real estate leads? Repin, and then find out why I chose my new Realtor!
Want to know the secret to finding more real estate clients? Repin, and then find out the number one reason why I chose my last Realtor!
Want the secret to finding new real estate agents? Repin, and then find out why we chose our new real estate agent!
Want to get new real estate clients? Repin, and then find out the number one reason why we chose our real estate agent!
How She Won “Best Realtor” For The People’s Choice Awards
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