Today’s Lead Strategy Academy™ Success Story features Mariah Burke…wife of a Calgary Realtor®!  Mariah has been helping her husband reach his real estate goals by building a personal brand, filling their pipeline with amazing content, and serving their community first.

One thing that Mariah said that stuck out to me is you have to serve your clients before selling to them. And she’s absolutely right! It’s all about the value you provide to your community.

I’m so proud of their success with collecting new leads and nurturing those leads with weekly event emails. Listen in to get the scoop on the email they sent that immediately got them 30 hot leads…and find out about their Night Before Christmas Video that was an instant success!

Watch to see Mariah’s inspiring story, and how this real estate team has fully embraced Community Influencer™ marketing into their real estate business.

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Want to know the secret to getting new real estate leads? Repin, and then find out why I chose my new Realtor!
Want to know the secret to finding more real estate clients? Repin, and then find out the number one reason why I chose my last Realtor!
Want the secret to finding new real estate agents? Repin, and then find out why we chose our new real estate agent!
Want to get new real estate clients? Repin, and then find out the number one reason why we chose our real estate agent!
Success Story: How She’s Getting Real Estate Leads (Without Having Phone Numbers)
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