How She’s Using Social Media To Generate Real Estate Leads From Her Sphere

Los Angeles real estate agent Laura Key has been crushing her real estate goals by planning her social media with a purpose! I’m so proud of her for putting herself out there, and posting with a plan so that she’s driving engagement, and generating more leads. Her personality shines, and her excitement about connecting with […]

How She Generates Real Estate Leads (And Has Tons Of Fun In The Process!)

Connecticut real estate agent India Cleckley has been crushing her real estate goals by focusing on community marketing. And she’s having so much fun while doing it! I’m so proud of her for stepping outside of her comfort zone and recording videos! Her first video was AMAZING, and her bubbly personality was infectious and totally […]

How She Got 5 Real Estate Buyer Leads By Prospecting on Social Media

Portland Real Estate Agent Jessica Berger has been crushing her real estate goals by focusing more on her community. Now, she’s getting so much engagement on her social media posts, and people are paying attention to what she’s posting! I’m really proud of her success running open house ads! She’s quickly racking up the leads, […]

How She Got Casted On House Hunters (With One Online Real Estate Ad)

Modesto, CA Realtor® Monica Herrera has been crushing her real estate goals by running Facebook ads…and one of those ads got her on an episode of House Hunters on HGTV! I’m so excited for Monica, and couldn’t be more proud of her! What started as an amazing event listing for holiday boutiques, turned into SO […]

How She’s Getting 18K Eyes a Month On Her Real Estate Social Media Posts

Loveland, CO Realtor® Lauren Haug has been crushing her real estate social media goals by creating weekly blog posts that highlight local events! Living in beautiful Colorado has given her endless content, and she creates her event blog posts by breaking it up into categories so that it’s easily searchable. Genius! I’m so proud of […]

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