The Best Real Estate Marketing Tools

Welcome to the Honey Bar Media Tools Page! This is a curated list of all the best real estate marketing tools that I use and love! I’ve tested ALL of these tools and have used them in my own business and in my clients’ businesses! I hope you love them as much as I do!

Please note: Some of these links are affiliate links, which means that if you choose to buy, I’ll earn a commission!

Real Estate Website Tools


Hover | Website Domains

The best place to get domains. (A domain is the “.com” for your website). I switched from GoDaddy to Hover a long time ago and haven’t looked back since! I like them because they have a simple interface, no annoying upsells, an amazing support team, and free privacy controls.

wp engine

WPEngine | Website Hosting

Every website needs to be hosted in the cloud. We’ve chosen WP Engine to host all of our sites! WP Engine has reliable hosting, amazing 24/7 support technicians, and daily automatic backups. It also owns the software I use to install themes (so it’s really easy to connect). They also offer free cleanup if you ever get hacked – the only company I’ve found that offers this!

Winning Agent Theme

Winning Agent Theme | WordPress Theme

Good real estate website themes are hard to find – until I found Winning Agent. If you’re thinking of building a website, I recommend using their Agent Focused Theme. Need to know how to build your site? Click here to take our free course.

Gmail For Business

Gmail | Business Email

This is different from a free Gmail address. For about $5 bucks a month, G Suite for Business allows you to send emails from your domain (as opposed to! Plus, you get access to Google Drive (cloud storage), Google Docs (better Microsoft Word alternative), Google Sheets (better Microsoft Excel alternative) …And more!

Lead Capture Tools


Listings To Leads | Landing Pages for Realtors

Real Estate landing pages. They’re fast loading (which is imperative when you’re running ads). They also come with easy home evaluations, Facebook one-click lead capture, and automatic market updates for sellers.

IDX Broker

IDX Broker | Website Home Search

Home search and lead capture! Plus, display collections of homes to rank in search engines and attract new buyers and sellers to your website! Easily create landing pages that feature a collection of homes for sale. Get ranked on Google for pool homes, horse properties, homes that face east, or anything else that’s popular in your market!

Real Estate CRM’s

Follow Up Boss

Follow Up Boss | Real Estate CRM

One of the only two real estate CRM’s that I recommend.  (Ask for the $79 plan for individual agents!) It has a simple interface that’s easy to learn and use. It also allows you to connect with most online lead generation tools. As a bonus, it also features auto texting, drip campaigns, and more!


Lion Desk | Real Estate CRM

One of the only two real estate CRM’s that I recommend. Lion desk is less expensive than Follow Up Boss. It also connects with most online lead generation tools. And features auto-texting, drip campaigns, and more!

Real Estate Lead Nurture Tools


RealScout | Listing Alerts Tool

This is the best listing alerts service that I’ve found. It’s prettier than your MLS. It’s also easier to navigate than Zillow, Redfin, and Trulia – so your leads and clients will actually want to use it. It also allows you to see the exact homes they’re viewing, then text them about about these homes right inside the app!


Mailchimp | Email Marketing

I teach my students that the fortune is in the follow-up. And one of the best ways to follow-up with real estate leads is by email. This email marketing tool is perfect for both beginners and experts (we actually teach our students how to use this tool in our course)!

Real Estate Marketing Tools


Canva | Online Graphic Design

Social media is one of the most effective tools to market your real estate brand and stand out from the crowd. But it has to be done in a consistent way. And that starts with your brand. Canva is my favorite tool for designing stunning social media templates. It’s easy-to-use, and you can adjust the colors and style to reflect your personal brand.

For less than $10 a month (if you purchase annually), you can design your own graphics, and get access to tons of amazing images. (Hint – they have a free version, but our team recommends going with the Pro account to get access to the premium content).

Tip: If you want further instructions and done-for-you monthly social media graphics, we include alllll of that in the Community Influencer® Academy!


Later | Instagram Scheduling

A simple social media scheduler for Instagram! It’s free if you are posting less than once a day on Instagram. It also allows you to see your exact Instagram layout before you post and auto inserts hashtags to save time.

list reports

List Reports | Open House Marketing

Type in a property address and it kicks out stunning listing materials, open house flyers, neighborhood reports, school info, and more!


Fix The Photo | Photo Editing Service

Want to look 10 pounds lighter, smooth wrinkles, or make your photos pop? Get all of your lifestyle photos and headshots processed by a professional so they are bright, modern, and flawless!

Real Estate Team Tools


Slack | Online Communication

Similar to email, Slack allows you to communicate about important projects, so everyone on your team has visibility and stays in the know. But unlike email, the Slack feed moves in real time – similar to social media!


Zoom | Video Conferencing

Conduct team meetings, coaching calls, strategy sessions with partners, and conduct recruiting interviews. If you’re looking for a tool that encourages a team atmosphere, with reliable service, crisp video, and great sound quality, Zoom is here to help!


G Suite | Productivity

You’ve probably already heard of it’s most famous functionality, Google Drive, which is an amazing cloud storage solution. But most people don’t realize that it’s SO much more! You also get Google email, Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Forms as well.


Asana | Project Management

Keep track of every single project in the entire business. As the business owner, you can delegate these processes with ease, see them being done over time, and ensure that every deadline is met on time!

TRY! | Process Documentation

Store all of your standard operating procedures (SOP’s). This way, if you have a team member who’s out of office, anyone on the team can jump in and help out. All they have to do is follow the process. Easy peasy!


Gusto | Payroll Processing

Gusto allows you to process payroll, direct deposits, bonuses, and so much more! If you need a little extra support, it also serves as an outsourced HR team as well. You can set your payroll tasks on autopilot, offer health and 401k benefits, and ensure you’re staying 100% compliant along the way. 

Free Real Estate Stock Photo Sites

Pixabay | Free Stock Photos

Pexels | Free Stock Photos

Unsplash | Free Stock Photos

Shutter Stock | Premium Stock Photos

Real Estate Video Equipment

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What I use to film all of my live streams and webinars. It shoots in widescreen, high-quality HD video!

Canon Camera DSLR
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DSLR Camera

What I use to film all of my videos. It’s expensive, but it’s the best quality video! Don’t forget the lens!

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Camera Lens

The most versatile lens for a DSLR camera. It allows you to shoot both on the go and close up while in the office.

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Ring Light

Botox in a bulb. Allows you to film videos and photos in the most beautiful facial lighting.

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Background lighting

The most flattering light for your scene. I put them in front of me, at an angle, to light the sides of my face and my background.

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Smooth Stability Gimbal

This is the best gimbal for smooth mobile video, even while walking, jogging, or hiking!

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Bluetooth Selfie Stick/Tripod

Perfect for filming or photos, this is a Bluetooth selfie stick that also converts into a standing tripod for stability.