When it comes to real estate company names, most agents tend to choose their own names because it’s quick and easy. Using your legal name means there’s no extra paperwork to file, so you can start generating leads, sales and referrals immediately.

Plus, agents have been told, for years, that their name is their brand. This is why many agents still put their face and name on all their business cards – and real estate is the only industry that does.

But that was before the internet. Back in the day, when someone was standing in front of your sign and wanted to see your listing, they needed to be able to remember your name. They didn’t have cell phones back then, so they would have to memorize the name, drive home, then look it up in the phone book.

Today, no one needs to remember anything. In a modern world, leads know about your listing before they even drive up to the house. And if they happen to stumble upon a listing while they’re out and about, they can just look up the listing on their phone or text you immediately or take a photo to remember it for later. So, technically, agents don’t need to use their legal name as their business name anymore.

So, in this episode, I’m going to give you 5 alternative real estate company name ideas, so you can choose a good name for your real estate company. Then, I’ll tell you which naming convention I recommend!

Real Estate Company Name Ideas

#1: Descriptive Real Estate Company Names

Describes a product or service.
Ex: Real Estate Maximums, AKA RE/MAX

#2: Metaphoric Real Estate Company Names

Evokes a metaphor that positions the brand
Ex: Compass or Community Influencer

#3: Made Up Real Estate Company Names

Invented for distinction.
Ex: eXp Realty

#4: Acronym Real Estate Company Names

Abbreviated names that contain a few letters and numbers.
Ex: C21, AKA Century 21

#5: Geographic Real Estate Company Names

References and reflects a specific geographic location, history, or community
Ex: Your Orange County

Bonus: Founder Real Estate Company Name

The traditional naming convention that takes on the name of the person who founded the brand.
Ex: Aarin Chung or Keller Williams Realty

What’s the Best Real Estate Company Name for an Agent?

For local real estate agents, I prefer geographic names, because a geographic brand name instantly attracts the attention of people looking to buy, sell, or live in that local community.

As an agent, it’s sometimes difficult to choose anything other than a founder name because local regulations haven’t kept up with modern marketing. But I wanted you to know that you have options – even if you have to file extra paperwork and fork over a small fee.

Best Practices For Real Estate Company Names

No matter what name you choose, keep the following best practices in mind:

  • Never use the word “Realtor®” because it’s trademarked
  • Only use the word “Realty” or “Real Estate” if you are a brokerage
  • Check all social media platforms to ensure that the brand name isn’t already in use
  • Ensure that the domain is still available
  • Run a trademark search to confirm it isn’t already in use
  • Check with your broker to see if you can use the name
  • Make sure that the name is memorable

“Look at what your competitors are doing and do something different.”

Scott Milano, Make a Name for Yourself

Choose Your Real Estate Company Name:

To create a brand name, ask yourself:

  • Do I want my brand to have a founder name?
  • If not, what type of name do I want?
  • Am I willing to file paperwork?
  • Does this name stand out from the crowd?
  • Is it easy to remember?
  • Is it easy to spell and say?
  • Does the name translate well in local languages spoken by your community?
  • What’s the story behind the name?
  • Do you feel confident when saying it aloud?
  • Does it connect instantly with your community?