Real estate newsletter marketing is a huge piece of a successful marketing plan. But it has to be done right. Or it’s not going to work. If you’re wasting time and energy on email marketing that doesn’t nurture your real estate leads, then you’re probably not getting the results that you want.

So…You Want A Fancy Pants Email Template?

One of the questions that I get a lot is, “Aarin, how do I create a beautiful email template for my real estate business? I received one from another agent, and I want it to look just like this…”

The short answer is… You don’t.

Now, I know that everyone is sending them, but I seriously doubt that these agents have ever really analyzed their open rates.

Because, if they had, they’d probably realize that the only people who are receiving and reading these emails are… other real estate agents.

Before I started this company, I worked as a freelance real estate marketer – and this question came up 100 times a day then too.

So I decided to take a cold hard look at these email templates, open rates, click through rates, response rates – and most importantly, unsubscribe rates.

What I found was shocking!

Why These Templates Aren’t Getting Responses

The vast majority of these fancy pants email newsletter templates were getting stuck in the spam filters and the promo filters.

Yep, your email inbox is smart! So smart that it knows what to show you and what to trash – Especially if you are using a genius inbox, like Gmail.

This is why all of your retail emails from Gap, Old Navy, and Bath & Body Works are always in that other folder you never see.

And guess what’s putting them there?

…Those fancy pants templates that you love so much!

So you may be thinking, “Well, I get Jane’s real estate newsletters in my inbox all the time. If that’s true, why am I getting her emails just fine?”

The answer is that you’ve probably opened every single one of Jane’s emails in the past, so you’ve trained your inbox to let Jane’s emails through. Most leads aren’t going to be such rabid fans.

Here is a Method That is Helping My CIA Members See Fast Results

Get To The Inbox

  • Stop sending those fancy emails and start sending emails in plain text.
  • Yes, you heard me right, plain text – simple text, with no bells and no whistles.
  • You know, the kind of emails you write when you’re writing to a friend or colleague.
  • These emails won’t trigger spam or promo filters and happily land in the inbox of your recipient.

Get Opened, Read, and Clicked

  • Now that you know how to overcome the email filters, now it’s time to focus on getting your emails opened, read, and clicked.
  • It’s important to send newsletters that people actually want to read, so you can stay top of mind until your leads are ready to buy, sell, or invest with you.
  • If you don’t master this skill, you will be riddled with unsubscribes – which means that all of the time, energy, and money you spend to acquire the email address has just been lost.
  • When you’re sending any marketing pieces out, you need to think of the WIIFM factor. WIIFM stands for “what’s in it for me?” If you send things to people that they don’t care about, they won’t pay attention.
  • Likewise, if you send things that are highly relevant, they will be stuck to you like glue!

The 3 Best Real Estate Email Newsletters to Nurture Your List

1. Buyer Email Newsletters

  • Keeping WIIFM in mind… what do buyers really want?
  • Buyers want listings.
  • So the best real estate newsletters to send buyers are…you guessed it. Listing alerts!

2. Seller Email Newsletters

  • What do sellers want?
  • It’s simple. Sellers want buyers
  • Sellers want to know that their home is going up in value and that there are people who are willing to buy if they decide to make a move.
  • To nurture seller leads, I recommend sending a monthly market update for each of the cities or communities you serve. If you can do this consistently, you’ll stay top of mind with all of your seller leads guaranteed!

3. Local Resident Email Newsletters

  • What do residents in your community want?
  • They want to know more about the community they live in.
  • Residents used to turn to newspapers to stay current with their local news, but now, no one gets the newspaper anymore. So even though they want this information, they have nowhere to go in order to get it.
  • That’s where you come in.
  • Provide your community with a list of weekly events, news, or updates and they will love you for it!
  • As an agent, I did this, and when I skipped a week, I would always get phone calls from people asking me when I was going to send it again.
  • Yes, people were actually calling ME, which is the best possible position to be in as a Realtor®.

The Biggest Lie In Email Marketing

You have to have fancy pants email templates in order to get opens and leads.

Wrong. Sure, those fancy pants email newsletters are stunning, BUT they are highly ineffective

The good news is that you don’t even need to waste your time and efforts designing these templates!

You can write an amazing nurture sequence that your leads will actually want to receive, open, and read!

You’ll be able to stay top of mind and build trust with your leads so that when it’s time for them to buy or sell, you’re the only one that they’ll even consider.

As a real estate agent, there’s nothing better than that, because you can win the appointment before you even get the call!

This is how “come list me leads” are born!