If you’re wanting to grow your real estate business, the first place to start is your real estate social media posts. Keep reading to find the best real estate social media posts that will help you crush your goals and generate more leads!

I Can Tell Immediately If An Agent is Getting Leads When I Review Their Social Media Posts

I have thousands of agents in my Academy and I’ve done so many hot seat audits for my students that, now, whenever I visit a real estate agent’s social profile, video channel, or blog post, I can tell immediately if they are getting leads or not.

Over the years, of doing this, I’ve also picked up on a few patterns as well…

I’ve noticed that for all of the agents who aren’t getting leads, they have a few things in common. Let’s cover these common mistakes first, so you know what not to do moving forward!

The 3 Biggest Real Estate Lead Generation Mistakes I See

So basically, before we talk about what TO post, let’s talk for a second about what NOT to post on social media.

Mistake #1: You Are Posting Canned Content

You’ve all seen canned content. It’s usually stuff you’ve purchased from a real estate marketing service or something you’ve seen other agents in your area reposting.

They usually come in the form of those funny pre-made memes, reposted clever quotes that have someone else’s logo in the bottom corner, or a viral social media graphic that everyone else is using.

The reason why canned content doesn’t work is because when people see it in their newsfeeds, they may stop and read it, but you never get the credit for posting it because it’s not branded to you. It doesn’t use your colors, fonts, photos, or logos – so people don’t even recognize that you posted it in the first place.

You can use templates, just make sure they are branded to you – like photos of yourself, videos of your community, and unique graphics that are actually branded to you – you’re able to accurately represent your personality, style, and flair.

This is really important for real estate agents because you guys are building a personal brand. As the face of your brand, when you step into the limelight, it helps people to get to know you better, like you better, trust you better, and THIS moves them towards the transaction.

Instead of using someone else’s ugly canned content, take the time to take ownership of your own content.

I want you to start building a brand you love.

I want you to be proud to send people to your posts, videos, blogs, flyers, and cards – knowing that your branding is beautiful, professional, and accurately reflects your unique style.

Mistake #2: You Are (Only) Promoting Real Estate

I have a rule of thumb for all of my students:

Post 20% real estate, 80% other. I know that sounds counterintuitive, but it’s the only way content creation can work for a real estate agent.

If you post about real estate 100% of the time, it will turn off the majority of your followers and fans because most people are not currently in the market to buy or sell a home.

If you want to attract tons of new leads (and nurture the old ones) you need to talk about a wide variety of local topics that your community cares about. These days, people can click one button to unsub, unfollow, and dislike.

If you want to attract, capture, and nurture lots of leads, then make sure that you are creating content that also serves your community, not just your business.

Mistake #3: You Don’t Have A Posting Plan

The biggest complaint that I hear from agents when it comes to creating content is this: “I don’t have time.”

…And that’s probably true if you’re posting without a plan.

If you only knew how many leads, sales, and referrals you’re leaving on the table because you don’t have the discipline to sit down and plan out all of your content every month… I promise you’d start.

I teach all of the agents in my Academy to plan an entire month’s worth of social media content in just one afternoon.

The ones who are following their plan and schedule all of their content are CRUSHING it.

They have time to work on their business, without worrying about their marketing. Everything gets posted seamlessly and they’re getting new leads when they’re working, playing, and relaxing.

It’s worth it!

These are the best posts to grow your real estate following fast!

  • Local Business Spotlights
  • Real Estate Tips
  • Community News
  • Personal Posts
  • Community Events
  • Listings

These are the best posts to grow your real estate following fast!

The bad news is that easy, cheesy marketing is not going to make you stand out or allow you to build a brand that you love.

And there’s a chance, the leads that are meant for you will go straight to your competitor.

Which is the last thing that you want.

But, there’s some good news…

The good news is that you can actually post things that your community finds valuable, build meaningful connections, (and have so much more fun during your lead generation time!).