How She Learned How to Generate Her Own Real Estate Leads


How To Generate Real Estate Leads

Generating your own real estate leads on social media can be an empowering thing.

And that’s what student Toni Peay is talking about on today’s episode of The Community Influencer® Show! Toni is an amazing real estate agent in Raleigh, North Carolina and she’s made it her mission to put herself out there to generate more leads.

It warms my heart to hear Toni speaking about how she overcame her fears…

How she stopped procrastinating…

And how she feels so much more empowered now that she has taken responsibility for her own lead generation.

She’s spent thousands of dollars on other programs and even thought about hiring a “marketer” to help her with a lead gen campaign. But now she’s learning things for herself. And implementing them as she goes.

I’m so excited for Toni and I’m thankful that she’s building a successful real estate business that will continue to serve her for years to come.

Toni got me so fired up, and I can’t wait for you to hear her story!

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Want to know the secret to getting new real estate leads? Repin, and then find out why I chose my new Realtor!
Want to know the secret to finding more real estate clients? Repin, and then find out the number one reason why I chose my last Realtor!
Want the secret to finding new real estate agents? Repin, and then find out why we chose our new real estate agent!
Want to get new real estate clients? Repin, and then find out the number one reason why we chose our real estate agent!

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