Real estate leads from YouTube? It’s easier than you think! I recently sat down with Realtor® Karin Carr to get the inside scoop on how she gets so many quality leads from her YouTube channel!

Meet Karin:

As a real estate agent that’s also an Air Force wife, she’s moved 4 times over the last few years, and understands how difficult getting leads can be with traditional marketing methods (like door knocking). So when she moved this last time to Savannah, GA, she was prepared for finding new online leads through her very own YouTube channel!

Want to know what the number one thing she loves about including videos inside of blog posts? Once you add the video into the post, it’s almost like doubling down on your SEO because people can not only find you on Google, but now potential clients can also find you on YouTube! It’s brilliant because you’re getting more bang for your buck (and for your time)!

In this episode we’ll talk about:

  • Why she loves YouTube videos, and how they have substantially increased her online leads
  • How to present yourself in your video so you’re buyers feel like they know you (and why this is important)
  • Why she thinks of YouTube videos just like blog posts
  • The best kind of video ideas (and why you should do your keyword research)
  • Best practices for filming videos (and the equipment that she uses)