In today’s Success Story, I’m so excited for you to hear how Kitchener, Ontario Realtor® Stephanie Catcher is generating real estate leads by running Facebook ads. She’s also sharing all her secrets about how’s she’s getting 4x the amount of referrals!

I was so impressed by Stephanie’s creativity and the strategic way she runs her Coming Soon ads. She completely understands the importance of getting in front of people on social media to stay top of mind. And she loves that she’s able to do all of this online without ever having to pick up the phone.

Not only is she able to generate tons of leads, but she’s also turning her real estate clients into lifelong friends….by taking them on a free cruise! This genius closing gift is helping her generate 4x the amount of referrals that she was getting before she began offering trips.

My mind was blown!

Listen in to find out how she gets so many leads, how much the cruises cost her, and why she’s one of the most creative real estate agents I’ve ever met.