Today’s guest on the Community Influencer® Show is giving us all the scoop on how was just voted as a Top 5 Realtor® in Portland, OR! I’m so excited for you to hear from member Sophia Rosenberg. She shares her amazing news, and tell us exactly how she used our real estate marketing strategies to get noticed on Instagram.

Sophia has been active on her real estate Instagram account for a while now, but she says that implementing what she’s learned through LSA has helped her fully optimize her social media accounts. Not only did she find the missing piece to the puzzle, but she also has tons of leads pouring in thanks to her efforts.

Her recent awards and accomplishments just prove that she’s quickly becoming the Community Influencer® in her area. I couldn’t be more proud of her!

In this episode, Sophia will also give you all the details on a recent local meet-up that she hosted, and it’s definitely one of the best, and most unique, real estate events I’ve ever heard about. It seriously blew me away!

I can’t wait for you to hear her story, and learn more about the success she’s seeing in her business every single day!