Are you the Go-to Real Estate Agent in Your Area?

No matter if you’re a new agent or a seasoned pro, you have to create your own authority in your local market. And that all begins with having a proven real estate marketing strategy up your sleeve.

But why?

So that you stand out from other agents.

By becoming the “it” agent in your area, you’re always going to have clients lined up to work with you.

Wondering how to become that person?

It All Starts with Creating Authority

Think about all the great leaders you know.

They all have the same thing in common. Authority.

And every single one of those great leaders has taken steps in order to create that authority. And you can actually use these same principles that they’ve used to create authority in your own local market.

Give Me 5 Minutes and I’ll Give You 4 Steps to Create Authority

Step # 1 – Create A Plan

Every great leader has a plan, map, or manifesto.

The leader uses that plan to guide their followers.

My advice to you…if you haven’t created a roadmap for people after they’re introduced to your brand, you need to do so ASAP.

The roadmap I created for my company is called the 7 Step Community Influencer® Marketing Success Plan. By having real estate agents opt in for this plan every day, we show them exactly what to do in order to market their businesses successfully online.

Step #2 – Get off your high horse and meet people!

One of the best ways to engage with your following is by answering their questions. But how you ask? It’s simple. Create a list of the top 25 most frequently asked questions and answer them all!

You can do it in a blog post, a YouTube video series, during a live show, or even from social media posts.

Step down from your soapbox from time to time in order to engage on a more personal level with your constituents. It’s totally worth it, I promise!

I travel a ton for my business and I’ve made it a point to meet some of the amazing Members in my community by hosting meet-ups in the areas that I’m visiting.

I also go live once a week in order to help, serve, and answer any and all questions. Just by being available and putting myself out there, my Members feel like they know me. And that’s huge.

Step #3 – Take a Stand

Some of the greatest leaders I know are controversial.

They always take a stand for what they believe in….regardless of what others think about them.

There’s so many ways to stand out in your business…

Are you using your own brand colors?

Are you putting out original, unique content?

Or are you just doing what you see everyone else doing?

Stop being vanilla. You’re making it really hard for your future clients to choose between you and the other agents in your area – because you all look the same.

You wanna know how we stand out in a supersaturated market?

We created our own category! Yep, we did it.

While everyone else teaches old school methods of lead generation that are unscalable, we’ve created the Community Influencer® – an agent who can generate leads on demand and scale their businesses on autopilot.

So take a stand!

People can love you or hate you, but there’s no money in the middle.

Step #4 – Have a Mission

Great leaders all believe strongly in something.

What do you believe in?

This is what is going to make you different.

Our mission at Honey Bar Media is to become all things marketing to all real estate agents.

What’s yours?

This is what is going to allow you to stand out in the marketplace!