If you want to generate more eads for your real estate business, you need a solid real estate marketing plan that helps you generate leads at scale and nurture relationships. Your real estate community doesn’t need pop-bys, they need your expertise. The more people you meet, the more new leads you will get.

No One Needs Any Pie

Someone in our Facebook Group asked about hand delivering pies to past clients in preparation for an upcoming holiday and I almost fell out of my chair.

Like, who is delivering pop-byes in this day and age?

I could totally understand how this method worked in the ’50s, but honestly, have we really audited this process to see if it’s still valid today?

You’re Not A Baker

I’ve worked with hundreds of top producers and I’ve never seen any of them hand-deliver pop-bys.

Do they sponsor food trucks? Yes.

Do they put on carnivals? Maybe.

Do they deliver pies? No.

Because running all over town, door to door is not a scalable way to build a real estate business. And they know that.

Unless your business is a bakery, no one is going to take you seriously delivering pies.

Deliver Value, Not Pie

Pop-bys aren’t the only culprit – This goes for delivering FSBO Packets, Expire Packets, Yard Sales, Flyers, and anything else that requires you to go door to door.

Can you imagine…

If you had a life-threatening disease and you needed to find the best doctor in your community, who would you trust? The doctor that’s busy healing patients? Or the doctor that is hand-delivering the gingerbread houses he made with his kids the day before?

First, that’s a liability because I don’t even know where his kids’ hands have been. Second, I want the doctor who’s not begging for my business. And third, if I wanted a pie, I would just go to Costco myself and pick one up. Because we all know that’s where you’re getting them from!

You don’t need any of that cheesy stuff.

Instead, deliver value.

Your community needs you to focus on real estate. They want to look to you as an expert in the subject. They want to turn to you with questions about buying and selling.

This incredible value is what’s going to command respect. And it’s the respect that’s going to allow you to be seen as a true professional and leader in your community – Not the pie.

The good news is that you can focus on real estate, not running errands.

The bad news is that you may not know how else to market your business….We can help!