The Best Real Estate Agent Schedule

The Best Real Estate Agent Schedule with Aarin Chung

Successful Real Estate Agents Stick To A Schedule Being a real estate agent is unlike any other job. People are attracted to this career because they love the flexibility of setting their own schedule. But that blessing can also be a curse. Close to 90% of real estate agents fail, because most agents struggle with […]

This ONE Mistake is Costing Your Real Estate Business a Fortune

The biggest mistake you could possibly make for your real estate business is one that is costing you a fortune. Even real estate agents that have been in the business for years can experience these types of setbacks. All because they don’t invest in real estate training or real estate coaching. How We Are Smashing the […]

Stop Delivering Pies, Start Delivering Value In Your Real Estate Business

If you want to generate more eads for your real estate business, you need a solid real estate marketing plan that helps you generate leads at scale and nurture relationships. Your real estate community doesn’t need pop-bys, they need your expertise. The more people you meet, the more new leads you will get. No One […]

How To (Actually) Put Revenue First In Your Real Estate Business

Believe it or not, putting revenue first in your real estate business is not as easy as you think. Cash Is Like Oxygen For Your Business I read… A lot. And almost every book I read is a business book that tells us to “put revenue first.” And that makes total sense to me because […]

Stop Tricking People Into Real Estate Transactions

As a Realtor®, have you ever been through a real estate training or real estate coaching program that taught marketing tactics that felt gross, sleazy, or cheesy? If so, it probably felt that way because the tactic you were taught didn’t line up with your core values. Be Careful Who You Listen To I’ve been […]

How I Chose My New Realtor®

As many of you know, I’m a Realtor®. But with my busy schedule running the Community Influencer Academy®, I don’t have time to do alllllll the work that goes into buying or selling my own house…. And since my husband and I want to sell our current home and move to a new home in […]

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