As many of you know, I’m a Realtor®. But with my busy schedule running the Community Influencer Academy®, I don’t have time to do alllllll the work that goes into buying or selling my own house….

And since my husband and I want to sell our current home and move to a new home in a beach community, we recently attended an open house.

And that brings me to….

A Tale of Two Realtors®

There just happened to be two agents co-listing the home, and both were there when we arrived at the open house. I went in one direction with one of the agents for a tour, while Howard (my husband) went on a tour in the opposite direction with the other agent.

And we had completely different experiences.

You know how I’m always saying not to market yourselves when looking for new leads? Yeah, I’m a firm believer in this even more now.

Do you know why? The agent that was taking me on the tour talked solely about herself. About how amazing she was and all these awards she’s won. Yikes. No mention about the house or community, but just constant chatter about herself….

I was completely turned off. She went on and on and on and on…blah blah blah.

Here’s What I Really Wanted to Know

As a buyer, I was more interested in the home we were looking at and wanted to know why I should buy that particular house. I wanted to know about the community and about the resale value of homes in the area.

I didn’t know anything about the community, and I wanted her to tell me everything. I got nothing.

Finally, I was able to get away and went to find my husband.

And This is the Experience He Had…

When I found Howard, he was fully engaged in a conversation with the other Realtor®.

The agent was telling him the things I wanted to know…

Like info about the schools in the area. Things to do in the community. And even about the investments the city is making to the harbor, and why that’s so important to the resale value.

Wow. Talk about giving some good advice!

He also asked the right questions. And this made us think of things we hadn’t even considered before…

Like how far away the freeway is that my husband has to travel on every day to get to work.

The Moral of this Story is…

The second agent was better.


Because he cared enough to tell us about the area and the community.

Sure, the other agent had tons of great awards, but her accomplishments were not going to help us make a decision about where we wanted to live.

We were blown away by the fact that the other agent was SO helpful.

Can you guess who got our business? Yep, the guy that took the time to answer our questions and that sold the community. Not himself.

Why Should You Sell the Community?

When you are meeting people, whether it’s online or in person, focus less on yourself and more on your community.

That’s what I teach, and that’s why this is called the Community Influencer® Show.

As a modern real estate agent, you need to put your community first.

Because your clients don’t care about your awards.

They want to know why they should buy or sell in a particular area. Or why they should let you sell their home.

Here’s How to Stand Out from Other Agents

Learn about your community.

Talk about your community.

And lead with that.

You’ll get more likes, comments, and shares, and that will turn into more clients.