Why most real estate agents use Realtor®-Focused marketing….

In the 80’s and 90’s agents were taught to brand themselves…

Think about the classic billboards, bus stops, and bulletin ads… Arms folded. 

As ridiculous as this sounds nowadays, it actually worked back then.

But let me ask you this…

Can you think of ONE modern, mega-agent who’s branding themselves that way?

Think about all of the Local Leaders in your market, the celebrity agents you watch on TV, and the Top Producers you follow on social media…

The answer is no, none of them are branding themselves like that.

But there’s something better that you can do instead…

Market a Local LIFESTYLE.

3 Reasons why lifestyle-focused marketing is better than agent-focused marketing:

  1. More discoverability
  2. More reach and engagement
  3. Lower ad spend

What Happens When You Market Yourselves…

Marketing yourself is selfish, and if you don’t stop, people will tune you out, and refuse to listen.

Now, I know that some of you are thinking…“Okay, I get it, I know that I need to be focused more on my community, but if I focus solely on community content, how will anyone know that I’m a Realtor®?”

Here’s the KEY to Real Estate Branding Success:

Follow the 80/20 Rule.

What does this mean?

80% of your content should be community focused.

20% of your content should be real estate focused.

You should use your community content to attract the lead.

Then, use your real estate content to close them.

It’s Really That Simple.